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I am a conscientious UX professional focused on bringing user-centric experiences to life. I approach each project with thoughtful, in-depth discovery to ensure all objectives are identified and met. I excel at team management, meeting deadlines, defining processes, and creative problem-solving.

Areas of Expertise

  • Visual Design Strategy
  • Information Architecture
  • Prototype Development
  • Responsive Design
  • Front-end Coding
  • Brand Strategy
  • User Research
  • UX Methodologies
  • Planning & Organization
  • Team Leadership & Management
  • Product Management
  • Project Management
  • Process Development
  • Roadmap Planning


Adhering to process allows one to systematically uncover the root of a problem, communicate a plan, and validate a solution. I have developed and implemented a specific product process for the team at BizLibrary to set expectations across teams, define milestones, frame user needs, and communicate strategy.

Product Process

The planning stage provides the opportunity to discover as much as possible about our target audience and the market to then decide what to make and how to make it.


persona competitor profile competitor profile competitor profile

Competitive Analysis

competitive analysis competitor profile competitor profile

Product Roadmap


Task Flows

task flow

The design stage includes defining information architecture, ideation with sketches and wireframes, and development of high-fidelity prototypes with style guides.

Information Architecture



interactive video wireframe billing wireframe

Style Guides

style guide Bootstrap template BizLibrary branding standards

Design Strategy & User Interfaces


BizLibrary is a SaaS application that offers leading technology for online business training. My work with BizLibrary has primarily been as an advocate for all things UX—from research, planning, design, and product delivery.

I began my work with BizLibrary as the sole UX/UI Designer for their primary learning platform. My goal was to improve usability and design the application to be responsive to access learning on mobile devices. This platform includes a content library, administration, reporting, performance management, and a social community. User interviews and research were critical to develop personas and use cases to inform design decisions. Each of these components and their interactions was evaluated to create an information architecture that was intuitive for our users. I crafted style guides and visual standards for the team based on our use of the Bootstrap platform.

In the past year, I was able to elevate my role into the Product UX Manager to focus on strategic planning and to oversee execution of my vision for the overall user experience. This includes managing a team of Designers and Product Owners to communicate that vision to other internal teams. Major initiatives I oversee for our product include supporting utilization of BizLibrary's proprietary content, improving the administration experience, and reducing support requests.

BizLibrary Content Profile BizLibrary Learner Profile BizLibrary Administration BizLibrary Community Resources BizLibrary Mobile Nav BizLibrary Tablet Admin

Furman University

Furman University is one of the nation's top undergraduate liberal arts universities. They came to me with the need to help them portray a more accurate glimpse of dynamic campus life and attract more high-caliber students.

Interviews and research were conducted with both current and prospective students to understand why they would choose Furman over another institution. Our target was highly intelligent, tech-savvy Millennials, so my goal was to design and build a fully responsive site to be accessed on mobile devices.

Furman.edu Furman.edu Admissions Furman.edu mobile Furman Admission mobile

The Investment Center

The Investment Center needed a site redesign to address three main silos that work together, allowing TIC reps to grow their businesses and relationships with their clients and entice potential reps to affiliate with TIC. A major focus of the redesign involved updating the exclusive area of the site for current TIC reps, giving them easier access to important news and updates, forms and other resources integral to their daily business.

TIC Rep site TIC Affiliate site TIC Navigation Scheme

"Angela took the time to learn the ins and outs of our business. She then used what she learned to design the perfect website to fit our needs. This design strategy is brilliant and revolutionary…"

Robert Fernandes - IT Manager
TIC Home mobile TIC Rep mobile

Woot, Inc.

I helped Woot overhaul the design of their e-commerce sites by highlighting their quirky, tongue-in-cheek tone to help grow their user base and increase sales. My primary objective was to create a sustainable online strategy enabling Woot to expand from four to seven sub-sites without compromising brand loyalty.


Furman University: Because Furman Matters Campaign

I designed and built a fully responsive site as a key promotional piece of the “Because Furman Matters” capital campaign for Furman University. With a goal of $400 million for campus initiatives, the site helped them secure $406 million in donations by the end of 2014, making it the largest fundraising campaign among private colleges in South Carolina.

Because Furman Matters Campaign Progress Because Furman Matters Campaign History Because Furman Matters Campaign Progress mobile Because Furman Matters Campaign History mobile

Logo Design

Logo projects begin with an in-depth discovery to create a mark that is not just a cool illustration or well-set type, but truly represents the brand and speaks to the target audience.

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